Sweeney Creative. Brand Building for CJW Sports Medicine program - Richmond, VA



CJW Sports Medicine  wanted to communicate with the running and cycling community to increase awareness of the importance health maintenance. 


  1. 1.Created ads to focus on cross training as the primary way to increase health maintenance.

  2. 2.Ads were written to appeal to men and women of all ages.

  3. 3.Ads had  to be authentic and were created by Stan Sweeney a marathoner, bike racer, triathlete, swimmer and kayaker,

  4. 4.Program is successful and CJW registered the only increase in patients in the hospital for two years.

  5. 5.Concept, Copy, Art Direction by Sweeney Creative

© 2006 Sweeney Creative

Richmond, VA  -  Charlottesville, VA



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