Sweeney Creative. Brand Building for GE Cell Phones.



Introduce the GE Cell Phone in the U. S., six months

after Panasonic, the market leader.


  1. 1.The GE Cell Phone was Introduced in the USA six months after Panasonic.

  2. 2.The brand strategy was to showcase GE’s reputation of superior RELIABILITY in a unique and memorable way. GE ‘s ‘We bring good things to life” theme allowed for believable product demonstration of reliability.

  3. 3.Using well known successful business and sports (Ted Turner, Phil and Steve Mahre, Olympic Skiers, ) using the cell phone to conduct business in harsh environments captured the viewers attention in a memorable way.

  4. 4.The GE product became successful within months and quickly surpassed Panasonic as the market leader.

  5. 5.Because of the Unique Brand Intro strategy and Unique Creative production very little media dollars were spent.

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