Sweeney Creative. National Advertising, Branding and Publicity to introduce Shady Brook Farms Turkey.



Rocco Industries, Dayton , VA  wanted to introduce a brand of fresh turkey nationally. They had a brand in New England named Marval which they felt was to generic for a new brand of Fresh Turkey.


  1. 1.Created the new name, logo and packaging for Shady Brook Farms to enhance the “Fresh Turkey” feature and benefit.

  2. 2.Created the theme “Fresh, Never Frozen!” as the feature and benefit of the product against the competition: Butterball which only produced “Frozen Turkey”

  3. 3.The new product did not contain any additives which was another benefit off being fresh. “Nothing Added” was also promoted as a feature healthy benefit.

  4. 4.Concept tested with quantitative testing for two years before launching with TV in the New York City Market in October.

  5. 5.After the successful launch the product was rolled out to Baltimore/Washington and then the rest of the Eastern US.

  6. 6.The new brand, Shady Brook Farms Turkey was so successful Butterball had to introduce a fresh turkey brand to compete.

  7. 7.Shady Brook Farms Turkey retails for $.05 more per pound than frozen turkey. This is significant for any food brand.

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