Sweeney Creative. Brand Building for White House Apple products.



Update the White House Apple Products brand  to current and new users.


  1. 1.White House Packaging  was updated and Qualitative research was conducted in A, B, and C markets.

  2. 2.Package Designs were updated after each research session to reflect actionable ideas

  3. 3.A new White House Brand theme was tested in all research sessions for credibility, believability, likeability and potential to work across all existing and new product lines.

  4. 4.The winning direction was to continue to use the colors: Yellow and Dark Green with beautiful food photography of Apples.

  5. 5.The new theme line was accepted throughout all markets: Growing Up Together, White House and You. A memorable music track was created for TV and Radio. People of all ages are shown “Growing Up Together while consuming White House products.

White House TV

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