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Energizing Brands

Sweeney Creative

What is Branding?

•  Your brand is your Signature and Personality.  It is how you are  remembered. It must be simple and never complicated.

•  Your brand is not just your logo.

•  Your brand should have very short memorable "positioning statement"  that tells the world what you are!  (Not a company mission statement.  A  memorable statement that is your brand's personality.

•   Your brand  should not be interchangeable with other brands. It must be  unique, uplifting and solid.

•  Your brand should have colors that are appropriate.

•  Your brand should be strong, energetic  and able to grow.

•  Your brand should have your unique DNA. No borrowed interest or   confusion about who you are. No Plagiarize!

•  Your brand needs to communicate easily and quickly. Today our attention  span has been documented to be :05. That is 5 seconds!

•  Every touch point with your brand should leave an image of exactly who  and what Your brand is.



• Sweeney Creative's work has the vitality and passion that is relevant to connect with today's consumers.

• Sweeney Creative gives your brand the awareness to be “Seen and Noted” and memorable.

Sweeney Creative creates successful brands for the marketplace. Our experience is varied and extensive; Appliances, Beauty Products, Craft Beer, Financial, Food Products, Healthcare, Hospitality, Home Products, Home Builders/Developers, Outdoor Products,  technology.

Tactics Branding creates for all media; TV, Radio, Digital Outdoor, Websites, Videos, Print, Corporate Branding, Trade Shows, Logos, Package Design, Signage, catalogs.

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